Today is National Mutt Day! Show Us Your Mutt
Mutts are the best dogs in the world.  They are loving, they are loyal and they are unique.  No two mutts are the same.   My Bailey is a mutt and she has been the best dog in the world.  Not sure what she is, but I think she's part Pomeranian because her tail curls and she has the pom hair texture w…
Tiny Pig Gets A Bath
We all know Mondays can be tough.  So why not start if off right.  How about a cute video.  Sometimes, a nice bath can be just what a person or a pig needs.  Check out this tiny micro pig getting a bath.
Mix Pet of the Week: Lexi
When I walked up front and saw Lexi sitting in my lobby, all I could say was she is such a beautiful dog.   If I didn't already have 3 animals, I would have looked at Patti and said, we aren't taping a video today.  She is coming home with me.  Lexi needs a good home an…
Abandoned Dog Gets a New Lease on Life
When I hear stories like this it breaks my heart.  A dog was abandoned by its owners after they moved away and was forced to live on the streets.  When a rescue group found him, he was angry, scared, matted, dirty and alone.  However, that changed.

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