Doctor Helps Baby Laugh Through His Shots
If you are a parent, one of the most dreaded times of being a parent is taking your child to the doctor for their vaccinations.  It is horrible and unbearable.  They have to have them, but there is nothing you can do to keep it from hurting.  Then you're told, you'll have to hold their arms.  NO!  I…
Man Saves Baby Crawling Near Highway
Babies are quick little creatures. The minute you turn your back, that's the minute they are into something or gone, especially if they are mobile.  This is exactly what a baby in Georgia did when she crawled away from her home and was found 300 yards from her home near a highway.  Lu…
Bride Attaches Her Baby to Her Wedding Dress
I completely understanding wanting to have your kids be a part of your wedding, however, attaching your newborn to your wedding dress probably isn't the way to go.  This bride had her wedding dressed altered so that she could attach her baby to the dress to walk down the aisle.
DFW Area Woman Kept on Life Support to Save Unborn Child [POLL]
Over the last few years many stories have popped up everywhere about people and life support.   Terry Schiavo is the first name that comes to mind and one of the first huge battles when it comes to keeping someone alive or allowing them to pass.  That is where the rush for the Living Wills comes in,…

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