‘Man of Steel 2′ Seeking Older Batman, Casting Rumors Begin
It was announced at Comic-Con 2013 that the sequel to 'Man of Steel' will feature a Batman vs. Superman fight in the vein of Frank Miller's graphic novel 'The Dark Knight Returns,' so the big question is, of course, who will play Batman? The script for Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel 2' is still being w…
[Review] Justice League : The Flashpoint Paradox [VIDEO]
Just like in the movie 'The Butterfly Effect,' what would happen if we could go back in time and change just one thing in history?
I'm not talking about preventing the assassination of Kennedy or erasing World War II, but something more personal, like the tragic loss of a loved one.
That's the origina…
Christian Bale Won’t Play Batman in ‘Justice League’
When 'The Dark Knight Rises' came out -- even though the film left the door open for a spin-off or sequel  -- Christian Bale was consistent in saying that he would only come back if Christopher Nolan was at the helm. And though Warner Brothers is trying to get 'Justice League&apo…

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