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The Top 10 Hits From The Week Of May 2, 1987 [VIDEO]
1987 was the year we learned that 'greed is good' from Gordon Gekko in 'Wall Street,' the bubble-gum battle began with Tiffany and Debbie Gibson and Baby Jessica was rescued after being in a well for 58 hours in Midland, Texas.
Ronald Reagan sends a challenge to Berlin with, 'Mr Gorbachev, tear down …
1980s Pop Group Eurythmics Are Reuniting [VIDEO]
The 80's synth-pop duo of Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, best know as the Eurythmics are reuniting, even if it's for only one night.
Lennox and Stewart formed the group in December of 1980 and for the next decade never looked back.
Amarillo’s Top 10 For July 5th, 1980 [VIDEOS]
Some of the major events that were happening this week in 1980 included;
A major heatwave continued in the Southwest, Pres. Jimmy Carter signed a bill to set aside a space on The Mall for a Vietnam vets memorial, American hostages in Iran begin nine months of captivity, the Wimbledon finals begins, s…