Biti Pies

Biti Pies to Make Its QVC Debut
If you have lived in Amarillo any period to time, then you know about these delicious tiny cakes and pies called Biti Pies. Well Biti Pies are getting a new look and a whole new market.
How It’s Made: Biti Pies
Have you ever wondered how they made Biti Pies.  Those yummy little pies that are perfect for one.  Well we had the opportunity to stop by the bakery and Skeeter showed us step by step how they made those delicious Itty Biti Pecan Pies.
Just Desserts: Amarillo’s Sweetest Places
If you find yourself with a sweet tooth and you really want to try a delicious sweet treat, you are in the right city.  Amarillo has some great places to satisfy your sweet tooth!  Here is a list, in no particular order, of great places in Amarillo to get your Just Desserts!