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Bon Jovi Died?
Don't worry it was just a nasty rumor that went viral.  Social media went into an uproar.  Twitter, Facebook and the web went into overdrive yesterday evening when someone started a rumor that Jon Bon Jovi had died.  Then the news went viral.  Tweet after Tweet, and post after post on facebook.  Res…
Richie Sambora Checking Into Rehab
According to an exclusive report from Radar Online, Bon Jovi singer Richie Sambora is checking into rehab for exhaustion and to regain his sobriety.
A source told Radar Online that "Richie recently has been drinking too much, and wants to get his life together."
"I think this was a culm…
Backstage With Bon Jovi
I just recently saw that Bon Jovi was one of the top grossing bands of 2010. That reminded me of my "relationship" with the band.