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The Fastest Fast Food In Amarillo
If you are like me, I'm always in a hurry at lunch.  Most of the time I call ahead to my favorite restaurants and place the order.  Sometimes, though, you have to mix it up! That's when fast food burgers come into play.  Who has the fastest?
Man Tries To Eat A Whopper With 1,050 Strips Of Bacon
Japanese website Rocket News decided to pay ¥7000 or $86.85 to add 1050 strips of bacon to a Whopper, then film a dude trying to pig it all down. There are many flaws with this plan, namely that Whopper is the size of a toddler, but the contender here is clearly not prepared for this particular …
Burger King To Start Home Delivery
We all know that we can pick up the phone and order pizza and within 45 minutes the Pizza Delivery person is standing at the door with our favorite supreme stuffed crust pizza.  Have you ever wanted fast food delivered to your door.  It is 7pm and you haven't cooked dinner and you really want a Whop…