The #1 Jelly Bean Flavor in Texas is Just Gross
It's that time of year when jelly beans are everywhere and in every flavor.  I love jelly beans.  They are one of my favorite candies.  However, there is one jelly bean flavor I loathe and it makes me gag, when I accidentally pop it in my mouth.
The #1 Valentine’s Day Candy in Texas
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the gifts. Usually the gifts contain some sort of candy element. has released the most popular candy of each state.
Best Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy
Let's face it your house may be over run or is going to be overrun with Halloween Candy. Now we all know no one needs that much candy in their house. So when it comes to and overload of Halloween Candy, we have some great uses for the left over candy.
Halloween Candy We All Love To Hate
So now that Halloween is coming up, lots of people are wondering what to dress up as or dress their kids.  But more importantly, what about the candy?! Here's a list of the most hated Halloween candy according to the Huffington Post.
Halloween Candy Buy Back Set for Wednesday
Halloween is over and you have a ton of candy sitting in Halloween pails in your house.  That candy is just tempting you screaming, "eat me, eat me, you know you want to eat me."  Let's face it, do you really need that much candy in your house.  Probably not.  Well what if I told you that …

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