Jiffy Lube a Perfect Place for an Oil Change in Amarillo
I'm not a big fan of maintenance up keep on my car.  In fact when it comes to anything involving my car I do not like dealing with it.  One of the reasons is a lot of people tend to take advantage of a woman because they don't have a ton of knowledge on the workings of a vehicle.  So when it comes t…
Woman Smashes Car Window to Save Dog [VIDEO, POLL]
Have you ever been somewhere and spotted a dog sweltering inside a locked car?  How does this make you feel?  Do you get angry or go about your business?  A woman in Albuquerque, NM took matters into her own hands when she saw a dog dying from the heat inside a parked car.
Will Uninsured Drivers Still Be Able to Buy Gas?
Uninsured driving is a serious matter in the eyes of the government, but perhaps none more so than for UK officials. In fact, some government authorities from across the pond would like to prohibit gas stations from letting those people fill up their tanks.

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