Stubbs the Cat Is the World’s First Feline Mayor
Meet Stubbs, a sassy cat who has recently rocketed to fame. As mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, he attracts visitors from far and wide, hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the longest serving mayors in the US.
Known locally as “Mayor Stubbs,” the feline’s popula…
Cat Viciously Shot With An Arrow Survives
A stray cat in Houston, was found wandering the streets after being viciously shot with a arrow.  An animal usually wouldn't survive and attack like this, but luckily the arrow avoided any major organs and Cupid is on the road to recovery.
Lost Cat Found 2,000 Miles Away from Home [VIDEO]
Daniel Johns, adopted Waylon a 1-year old tabby from a shelter and an hour after his adoption the cat chewed through a dryer vent and escaped from Daniel's home in Fort Meyers, FL.  Thinking that the cat was gone forever, Daniel was surprised when he got a call 6 months later saying that W…
Creepy Cat Girl in a Santa Hat [VIDEO]
When it comes to pet videos they are usually cute.  Throw in Christmas and those pet videos become super cute, I mean who doesn't like a video of dogs barking Jingle Bells.  However, this may take it a bit too far.  I think I may have nightmares after watching this creepy cat gir…
Vampire Pumpkin Kitty [VIDEO]
It may be because it is the end of the day since I got the biggest kick out of vampire kitty pumpkin chowing down on some pumpkin.  I couldn't stop giggling.
Injured Mama Cat Leads Rescuer to Her Kittens
In yet another amazing tale proving some animals are more compassionate than human beings, we humbly submit Jolie, the heroic mama cat.
Jolie calls England her home, and when she was pregnant, some cruel dolt tossed her out of a moving car. She survived, and a kind soul fed her and eventually confine…

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