Let’s Help Wish Colin a Happy Birthday – How You Can Help
A mother in Kalamazoo set out on a mission to let her son know that he is very loved after he told his mom that he didn't want a birthday party because he didn't have any friends.  This is one of those stories that hits very close to home with me, because Colin has sensory disorders and a form of As…
One Half Card Trick Revealed [VIDEO]
I have always been a fan of magic.
At my house I have three big plastic bins that are just filled with various tricks.
One of the great things about magic is that it can help with social interaction, build confidence and also help with public speaking.
Kids and Allowance: How Much Should You Give Your Kids?
I haven't instituted allowance in my house yet.  I have been teetering on the whole idea.  Don't get me wrong, I do reward good behavior in my house.  If E. has a good week in school and does his chores with out a fight we get froyo or a movie.  However as he is getting older he is starting to ask f…

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