Your Generosity Is Awesome! Please Help!
Teen Christmas is a 501C3 non-profit organization. 100 % of monies raised go to allow impoverished Amarillo teens shop on a $75 budget for clothes and shoes in December or to the government (IRS). These  children learn how to shop on a budget...
If You Want It We Have Your Christmas Music Right Now!
Let's face it we are less than 2 months away from Christmas and it has already snuck inside our brains.  While not everyone can get into the Christmas Spirit early some are ready for the red and green.  Well we want to help you get in that festive mood that's why we already have …
Christmas is 60 Days Away [POLL]
So I had a fun reminder this morning when I got to work. I was informed that it is 60 days until Christmas.  Hearing that makes me go, "What?  Wasn't it just summer?  Really, 60 days."  I am so unbelievably not even close to being prepared for the Christmas…
Christmas Has Already Taken Over Some Stores [POLL]
So one of my best friend's birthday was last week and she loves crosses.  So I thought, "hey I know a great place that has a great selection of crosses."  So what did I do? I went to Hobby Lobby.  Let's just say I almost had a panic attack when I walked int…
12 Days of MixMas 2014
Starting December 9th Mix 94.1 will kick off the 12 Days of MixMas. Tune in each day for the special 12 Days of MixMas Bonus Code.
Email Santa Here!
It's almost time for Jolly 'Ol St. Nicholas to spread his Christmas cheer and drop down the chimney or go through the door to drop off all the toys that the elves have worked so hard on.  We have the opportunity for you and the kids to write Santa Claus.  Just have the kids jump on the computer, or …
2014 Best Decorated Christmas Tree Contest
It is the 4th Annual Best Decorated Christmas Tree Contest.
Mix 94.1 has your chance to win Visa cash cards from our friends at KVII-TV.  You will be decorating your Christmas Tree anyway so why not take a picture of you and your tree and send it to us for your chance to win.

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