cmn 2013

Win Big with CMN and the Tri To Make A Difference Raffle
Want a great way to help out a wonderful cause like the Children's Miracle Network?  Each year the TRI To Make a Difference Sprint Triathalon happens in Lake Tanglewood.  It is a huge fundraiser to CMN.  This year they are selling raffle tickets to win some big prizes.
Children’s Miracle Network Final Count
Thank you!  Thank you for donating to the Children's Miracle Network!  With you generous donations CMN will be able to help out many families in the Texas Panhandle.    So how much did the radiothon raise for CMN in its 2 days?
CMN Beads of Courage
Last year a new program was started with CMN, it is called Beads of Courage.  Every time a child comes into the hopspital for a stay, for treatment, they receive a bead. Each bead represents something different.  Sadly, as beautiful as these strands of beads are, some of these kids Beads o…
Children’s Miracle Network – Karon, My Best Buddy
Every year we set up camp at BSA for our Children's Miracle Network Celebration. It's two days that we devote to helping those Miracle Kiddos here in the Panhandle. Over the years we have met many families and heard many stories. Some inspiring, some heartbreaking and some that are ongoing…

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