Children's Miracle Network Radiothon

Children's Miracle Network Radiothon. Donate to a worthy cause!

Mix 94.1 has been bringing the stories of the families and miracle kids of the Children’s Miracle Network to the airwaves since 2001. It’s time that we rally together for these very deserving kids and families again.
Children’s Miracle Network is an organization that helps our kids who unfairly battling sickness and helps support their families.


The Children’s Miracle Network Celebration Radiothon will go from 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, April 28th, and Friday, April 29th, and all money raised will stay local to help our local kids here in the Texas Panhandle.

Hear the stories of these miracle kids and how you can make a difference by listening on your radio, HERE or on your mobile device through our free Radiopup App.


 *Please mark Radiothon/Celebration in the Donor Designation when donating online

CMN Beads of Courage
Last year a new program was started with CMN, it is called Beads of Courage.  Every time a child comes into the hopspital for a stay, for treatment, they receive a bead. Each bead represents something different.  Sadly, as beautiful as these strands of beads are, some of these kids Beads o…
Help CMN Buy a New Procedure Doll
One of the many wonderful things that CMN has purchased is a Surgery Doll.  The surgery Doll is named Izzy.  This doll is used to teach and show small children procedures that will be happening on their little bodies.
Children’s Miracle Network – Karon, My Best Buddy
Every year we set up camp at BSA for our Children's Miracle Network Celebration. It's two days that we devote to helping those Miracle Kiddos here in the Panhandle. Over the years we have met many families and heard many stories. Some inspiring, some heartbreaking and some that are ongoing…
Children’s Miracle Network Miracles
We will be kicking of four CMN Celebration Radiothon on Thursday and will continue it through Friday.  We encourage you to tune in and join us for this wonderful event.  Please open your hearts and your wallets to help out this wonderful cause.  All money raised will stay right here in the Texas Pan…
Children’s Miracle Network Celebration Coming Soon
I love this time of year because we are coming up on one of my favorite things.  It is the Children's Miracle Network Celebration.  This event is full of miracles and blessings.  Its the time of year I get to meet people who end up staying a part of my life for years to come.&nbs…

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