comfort food

Rainy Days = Hot Cocoa
When we run into rainy days I enjoy a delicious cup of cocoa or hot chocolate.  I fact I'm wondering when I can sneak away and grab one today.  Coffee is good but cocoa is better.
Lori’s Top 5 Summertime Treats
I love Summer because it is a fun season.  It's full of sunshine, school is out, lots of vacations and fun summertime treats.  Let's face it when it comes to summer you can find a ton of tasty treats that you wouldn't normally eat in the other seasons.
What’s Your Favorite Cold Time Comfort Food
I don't like being cold, so when it's cold outside I love to warm up with some of my comfort foods.  One of my cold time comfort foods is Chicken and Dumplings and I love a fresh baked warm brownie right out of the oven with a cup of cocoa.  They are so good and warming to boot.&…