This Dog Loves His Showers
Most dogs hate baths.  I know when I go to give Bailey a bath she sees the water and starts dog paddling in mid-air as I lift her up and put her in the tub.  Then she puts her head down and shakes the whole time.  Jasper, just keeps trying to make and escape so by the time I'm done giving him a bath…
Bulldog Drags Kiddie Pool Into House
Summer is coming and it is only normal to want to cool off in a pool.  However, when it comes to your dog and your dog's kiddie pool the house isn't exactly the place for it.  Check out this cute video of a dog dragging his kiddie pool into the house.
Mix Pet of the Week – Daisy
We have another lovely pet up for adoption at the Amarillo SPCA.  Daisy needs a good home, she's a bit shy and sad since her puppies were adopted out last week.  Will you make her a part of your family?  Meet her here:
Dog Is Not Having His Owner’s Kisses
One man has trained his dog to hate kisses or affection. Sure, it's cute, but they've spent so much time together, and Owner was totally there for Dog that time he ate the Chunky bar -- he even took him to the doctor and washed the puke out of his hair...

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