Family Dog Eats A $4500 Wedding Ring
Dogs will eat anything.  ANYTHING!  I swear my dog is a goat.  However, can you imagine losing your wedding ring, searching everywhere, then figuring it was your dog.  That is exactly what happened to Rachelle Atkinson.
Dog Figures Out How To Get Ice From the Fridge
Have you come home from a hard day of work and all you wanted was an iced tea.  You go to your refrigerator and put your cup up to the ice dispenser only to find there isn't any ice.  Well if you have a dog, he might be the culprit.  Check out our feel good pet video of the day.
A Bag Full of Kittens Dumped on A Road Saved By Dog [VIDEO]
Animals are awesome companions.  However, some people don't know how to take care of animals or are just plain heartless when it comes to pets.  Someone in Des Moines, Iowa tossed a bag of kittens  onto a country road and left them to die.   Some of the kittens died after be…
Dogs Welcome Home Soldiers In Heartwarming Montage [VIDEO]
Is there anything more adorable than a dog greeting its owner? How about a dog greeting its owner after they return home from military deployment? We dare you to watch this supercut of lovable pooches welcoming their owners home from military service and not get choked up.

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