Mix Pet of the Week: Meet Bobbi
Bobbi is a cute little dachshund/chihuahua mix and was a rescue from the pound in Hereford.  Bobbi is loving and loves to give cuddles and kisses and needs forever home.  Check her out and adopt her today at the Amarillo SPCA.
Mix Pet of the Week: Meet Abby
This little girl is up for adoption and available from the SPCA.  She was a rescue and just had puppies.   She needs a good home.  Her puppies do as well, but they aren't ready for adoption just yet.  Abby is looking for you, are you looking for Abby.
Mix Pet of the Week: Meet Ruby
This week we want to introduce you to Ruby.  Ruby is a cute little chihuahua mix and needs a good home.  She is a wonderful little girl and loves to give kisses.  She would make just about anybody the perfect furry companion.
How It’s Made: How a Dog Gets Groomed
We have another great How It's Made Video.  This time we are going to call it, How It's Done.  I had a chance to visit Fur the Love of Grooming to see exactly how they groom our furry friends when we drop them off for a day of beauty.
Mix Pet of the Week: Meet Dexter
This is one little cutie you need in your life.  Dexter is well, let's just say he's an good ol American mutt.  He definitely has some poodle in him, but what else we don't know.  He's a happy guy that loves to give kisses and needs a good family to grow up with.&n…
Mix Pet of the Week: Meet Curly
This week we have a wonderful little guy to introduce you to that needs a good forever home.  You see Curly was kept on a leash outside for 4 years.  He's had a rough life, and was so matted when he was brought into the Amarillo SPCA that it took the groomer a full day to find him und…
Mix Pet of the Week: Meet Heidi
If you are looking for the cutest of the cute then Heidi is for you.  Heidi is full of energy and about 7-8 months old.  She is a mix of a lot, so we'll just call her the cutest mutt ever.  She's available for adoption through the Amarillo SPCA.
If You Can Afford It, Go For It
Wesley, a puppy in Michigan, needed braces. Yes, a dog that needed braces. Wesley's teeth were so crooked that he was unable to completely close his mouth.
Mix Pet of the Week: Meet Lani
If you are looking for an absolutely cute dog then look not further.  Lani is the cutest little girl dog and she needs a good home.  She looks to be a long haired chihuahua.  She is fun and active and needs a good home.  Would you like to make her a member of your family?

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