Sweet Shy Polly Needs a Forever Family
Polly is a sweet terrier mix and is up for adoption at the Amarillo SPCA.  Polly is a very shy and timid girl, but with the right family she'll come out of her shell and give you all the love you can handle.  If you are looking for a new member of the family, then Polly is waiting.
Handsome Hershey Needs A Best Friend
This week Amarillo SPCA's Debra brought us the most handsome dog.  Hershey is a  Shar Pei mix and needs a forever home.  He can be calm.  He can be energetic. He can be loving.  He can be yours.
Bouncy Boog Needs a Fun Family to Love
This week the Amarillo SPCA brought us Boog.  Debra told us that they had just saved him from Animal Control and this is one fun loving guy who needs a forever home.  Looking for unconditional love and lots of fun.  Then Boog is your man.
Gunnar is a Big Boy Who Needs a Good Family to Love Him
The Amarillo SPCA brings us a new pet that is up for adoption each week and usually they are medium to small dogs or even a cat or two, but this week they brought us a big boy.  Gunnar is up for adoption at the Amarillo SPCA.  He's a beauty and needs a forever home.  Will you con…

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