Latest Contestant Eliminated From ‘American Idol’ [VIDEO]
'American Idol' season 10 is officially down to the final three. Over 72 million votes were cast this week, making it the highest top-four vote ever in the history of the show.
Unfortunately, even record-breaking numbers weren't enough to save James Durbin. The 22-year-old rocker was …
Paul McDonald Eliminated From ‘American Idol’
J. Lo said it best when she said, "You gotta stop singing to stay; you gotta start singing to win."
It was a good piece of advice, but unfortunately for Paul McDonald, it came a little too late: Paul's quirky style and unique soft voice have been eliminated from 'American Idol,' according t…
Pia Toscano Eliminated From ‘American Idol’
Ok, so Pia wasn't one of my favorites on Idol. So it didn't break my heart when she was eliminated last night.  However, it was a shocker.  I do believe that Stefano or Jacob should have gone home.
'American Idol' got its second shocking elimination of the season, only this time, the judges weren't a…