7 Fun Places We Need in Amarillo
We have a lot of things in Amarillo to entertain us, but we would love to have a lot more places to choose from when it comes to fun.  There are so many things in different cities that would be awesome to have in Amarillo.  Here are some of the thing we would love to see open up in our fai…
You Can Now Pay to be Trapped in a Room With Zombies
The zombie craze is here to stay.  The Walking Dead brought zombies back to life.  Our society is zombie obsessed and now the obsession back to life.   As of right now I don't see a zombie apocalypse on the horizon, but that doesn't mean you can't face your fear of…
OMG! Entertainment Tonight Changed Their Theme Song
I grew up watching Entertainment tonight.  First with Mary Hart and John Tesh.  Then with Leeza Gibbons, then back to Mary Hart minus John Tesh, and with Mark Steines.  However, I just heart the new theme song for the show and well judge for yourself.