feel good videos

Piglet Gets a Bath [VIDEO]
I ran across this video and it is just adorable.  The piggy is getting warm it his very own warm bath.  What's even better is his life jacket.   Cute Overload!
Firefighters Rescue Dog From Icy River
I saw this video today and just had to share it with you.  The poor dog is so scared and freezing in this video.  Apparently Charlie was playing on the river when he fell in and got stuck.  The local fire department in Theresa, NY came out and rescued Charlie.
The Cinnamon Challange [VIDEO]
Cinnamon is a great spice.  It is great in breads, candy, cocoa, and other treats.   Cinnamon has even been used as medicine.  It adds great flavor and a warmth to whatever it is added to, however, when it comes to cinnamon by itself well, I'll let this video show you.
Baby Rhinos Talk to Each Other
I am a huge fan of baby animal videos and this video is no exception.  Two baby rhinos have a conversation with each other.  I learned something new today.  I never knew baby rhinos sounded like air escaping from a pinched balloon.  Oh well, it is still cute!
One-Year-Old Snowboarder [VIDEO]
When your kids were one-year-old, I am guessing you were excited that they were barely walking or hoping they would walk soon.  However, would you have ever expected them to hop on a snowboard at that age?   Ava Marie is a one-year-old little girl who knows how to handle a snowboard.

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