Places to Get the Flu Shot in Amarillo
The flu is on the rampage this season.  Both my son and I came down with the flu over the holidays.  It isn't fun so if you have yet to get your flu shot,  here are some places in Amarillo where you can go to get the flu shot.
The Flu is Evil
My journey with the flu began on the last day of 2012.  I had just had a birthday lunch with my mom because it was her birthday.  After lunch, I picked up my cousin (from NYC) who was finishing up her yearly visit with my grandmother and we made our way back to Amarillo.
FDA Says Flu Injector Devices Not Approved as Vaccines
Flu vaccines have always been dreaded by those who hate shots, but this year a company called PharmaJet introduced a device that uses “a high-pressure steam of liquid to pierce the skin and deliver the vaccine.” The needle-phobics rejoiced.
But now the FDA is saying, Not s…