How It’s Made: Biti Pies
Have you ever wondered how they made Biti Pies.  Those yummy little pies that are perfect for one.  Well we had the opportunity to stop by the bakery and Skeeter showed us step by step how they made those delicious Itty Biti Pecan Pies.
Best Places In Amarillo to Get a Salad Under $10
I eat a lot of salads.  I actually enjoy salads.  I have tried a lot of salads around town and I think these are the best places to get a really good salad.  So check them out and if yours didn't make the list then let me know so I can go try it out.
Girl Scout Cookies Are On Sale Now
If you haven't picked up a box of those delicious Girl Scout Cookies yet you are missing out.  In fact you only have a short window of opportunity to get those delicious cookies.  So if you haven't bought a box then you are missing out on the deliciousness that is Girl Scout Cook…
Top 5 Reasons to Eat Dark Chocolate
Today is National Dark Chocolate Day.  I am a fan of dark chocolate.  It's tasty.  Not many people like dark chocolate, but I do.  I think that comes with age because I used to hate it.  So in honor of this day, here are the top reasons to eat dark chocolate.
Waffle House to Serve Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner
So when you think of romance, I'm pretty sure the Waffle House isn't something that comes to mind when it comes to Valentine's Day.  But, hey what do I know.  I guess a lot of people have found romance at the Waffle House and now they are planning a romantic Valentine's…

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