Quick and Easy Dinner Recipe – Pesto Chicken Bake
I am always online looking for interesting stuff.  I will hop on Pinterest every now and then to find some interesting crafts or recipes.  I am Facebook all the time.  Its always up and on my computer or my phone.  So one day a friend of mine sent me a recipe and said you should try this since you l…
The Wildcat Bluff Wild Fusion Culinary Challenge
How would you like to experience nature in a very awesome way.  You get to enjoy beautiful scenery including plants and wild life.  You get to enjoy delicious cuisine and you get to enjoy the company of some very wonderful people.  If this sounds heavenly to you then you need to make …
Top 5 Cereal Commercials from the 80’s
When it comes to the 80's we had some really cheesy things.  However, one of the best things about the 80's was cereal.  We had some really great cereal and really great cereal commercials.   Here are my top 5 cereal commercials from the 80s in no particular order.

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