Warm Up this Weekend at the Make-A-Wish Chili Cookoff
The Make-A-Wish Chili Cookoff or the Tri-State Chili Championship has been a tradition in Amarillo for decades.  It's happening this weekend and what goes with a cold, snow and wet day?  Chili!!! Are you ready for some delicious chili? Then make plans to indulge this Saturday.
So Much Mac & Cheese So Little Time – The Big Cheese Returns
One of the biggest comfort foods is macaroni and cheese.  There is just something about ooey gooey creamy cheese wrapped around elbow noodles or shells.  It is absolutely delicious.  What's even better than macaroni and cheese?  A room full of different kinds of macaroni and cheese.  That's right, a…
Favorite Christmas Candy
I remember growing up my Meme was amazing in the kitchen.  She was the greatest baker.  She made the most amazing cakes, from birthday to wedding, she could do it all.  Not to mention the best pies ever.  However each and every Christmas that woman would spend hours upon hours in…
Amarillo Restaurants Serving Thanksgiving Dinner 2016
Let's face it life can be a bit crazy and sometimes the thought of having to cook a big meal for Thanksgiving just isn't in the cards.  Sometimes you just need to enjoy the holiday and not have to worry about all the hassle and stress of cooking, cleaning, and working.  Luckily, we have some great r…
Top 5 Reasons to Eat Dessert
Desserts are delicious and a heavenly part of life.  However, we are always warned not to over indulge.  However, I love the mantra, "you only live once, eat dessert first."  I mean why not eat dessert first.  So here's why you should eat dessert...
Burgers and Wishes Are a Perfect Pairing
A great hamburger is hard to come by and so is granting a wish.  It's almost like you have to wish for a great hamburger.  Well in this instance, you don't have to wish for a great burger, you just have to plan on eating great burgers and that will help make wishes come true.

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