David Schwimmer’s Neighbors Think He’s Terribly Uncool
Ask any fan of the sitcom 'Friends' which character was the coolest, and pretty much no one will say it was paleontologist Ross Geller. And thanks to a dispute about a New York building, the actor who played him -- David Schwimmer -- is unpopular with a lot of people off-screen, too.
My Heart is Heavy Today – A Former Co-Worker Passed Away
You know sometimes you will be moving right along with your day then BAM! something happens.  Well last night I was wrapping up my day and I was trying to download something  when my phone buzzed.  It was one of my co-workers asking me to check on something because he thought some one…
TV Themes That Became Pop Hits [VIDEO]
They were some of the most popular shows of their time and had some pretty catchy opening songs too. It's hard to say if these tunes had anything to do with the success of the shows, but we liked them enough to request them on the radio and buy the full version of the songs.
Some of these songs start…
Jennifer Aniston Watches Friends Re-Runs [VIDEO]
I will admit I get sucked into the Friends re-runs on a daily basis.  In fact, I love watching the Friends re-runs on Nick at Nite.  They come on at 10pm and are on until Midnight.  Instead of watching the news I opt for Friends.  When I can't sleep I take a trip down memory lane with those 6 crazy …

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