Man Saves Baby Crawling Near Highway
Babies are quick little creatures. The minute you turn your back, that's the minute they are into something or gone, especially if they are mobile.  This is exactly what a baby in Georgia did when she crawled away from her home and was found 300 yards from her home near a highway.  Lu…
8-Year-Old Boy Saves Neighbors from Apartment Fire [VIDEO]
An 8-year-old boy went into hero mode when his elderly neighbor accidentally started a fire in her apartment.  At first he tried to put the fire out but then realized it was too big and then sprung into action.  He went around knocking on doors trying to get neighbors out.
Houston Granny Fights Off Robber with a BBQ Fork [VIDEO]
You know what they say, "Everything's bigger in Texas," and that includes the personalities of Texans.  I couldn't help but get excited about a grandmother, Margaret Jackson, from Houston who sprung into action when she saw someone trying to rob her daughter's h…
80-Year-Old Woman Fights off Robbers With Mangoes
It should’ve been another boring trip to the market for 80-year-old Otilia Martins, who was doing her shopping at her son-in-law’s New Bedford, MA store Friday afternoon.
But things took a turn when two gun-wielding thugs burst in and demanded money from the cash regis…
Dog Saves 17-Year Old Girl from Sexual Predator
Here is another reason why animals are awesome.  Animals are amazing at detecting evil.  Some just generally know when a person is even and it is not any different in this case.  Mabeline saved a 17-year old girl from a sexual predator.
Girl Credits Grey’s Anatomy on Helping Her Save Her Mother
I love Grey's Anatomy, it is one of my favorite shows.  In fact, I am on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens to Meredith and Alex after they show left us with a huge cliff hanger 3 weeks ago.  However, the next time you think it is just a silly drama show, think about this story abo…