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How to Make Your Own Confetti Eggs for Easter
Confetti eggs may be a bit messy but they are absolutely fun to have for Easter.  Kids love them, adults love them because there is something fun about cracking and egg over somebody's head.  What's even better is that they are extremely easy to make.  In fact, check out jus…
Halloween Makeup Tutorials [VIDEOS]
Halloween can be a fun time.  However when it comes to having the perfect costume, sometimes you need the perfect make up.  Here are a few make up tutorials to create the perfect costume for Halloween.
How to Tie Your Shoes Super Fast [VIDEO]
I have been trying to teach my son how to tie his shoes.  Its hasn't been an easy feat, but I think I just found a super easy and super fast way to teach him how to tie his shoes.  I'm amazed at just how fast this way seems to be.  Want to learn a new way to tie your shoes?&…