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Best Milkshakes in Amarillo and Canyon
Happy National Vanilla Milkshake Day.  Yes, it make just be a day to celebrate the vanilla milkshake which is delicious, but today we are going to celebrate the milkshake.  Here's some of the best places you can get the best milkshakes in Amarillo.
Best Places in Amarillo to Get Ice Cream
It's summertime and it's almost hot.  So why not cool off with a nice sweet creamy treat, ice cream.  Ice Cream makes people happy, and apparently it motivates people as well.  What do you say, let's get happy and motivated with some great ice cream and here's wher…
Blue Bell Set to Return to Amarillo in December
Blue Bell lovers - a.k.a everyone in the world ever - rejoice! Blue Bell ice cream is set to return to Amarillo shelves in December after eight months without it.
Blue Bell's delightful frozen treats were recalled in early 2015 due to a listeria outbreak...

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