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Kat Von D Got A Tattoo of a 10 year-old Jesse James
So we know that Kat Von D and Jesse James broke up.  Well she got a tattoo of Jesse under her arm, and the creepy thing is, it is of a 10 year old Jesse James.
Luckily, she is a very talented tattoo artist and so is her crew so I'm sure they can turn that into something else.  When you have TVcamera …
Kat Von D and Jesse James Call Off Their Engagement
Here I thought they were in love and ready for the long haul.  Who didn't see this one coming.  Jesse James and Kat Von D have split up.  I'll admit I thought they would get married, then one or the other would cheat and they would divorce.  But then again who am I to j…
Jesse James-Tell All Author
Sandra Bullock must have seen something decent when she met and married Jesse James.  However, since the truth about his extra marital affairs came to light and much, much more, that something decent seems to have been a hoax.  Well never fear Jesse will have his say in his upcoming tell a…
Jesse James Pops the Question
Hearts broke all around the world for Sandra Bullock last year when stories of her husband's affairs hit the internet.  Since then Jesse James has been dating various women including Kat Von D.  He recently asked her to marry him.