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Katy Perry Denies Hooking Up With Russell Brand
Remember a few years ago when Katy Perry and Russell Brand were inseparable? And in love? And, you know, married?
Apparently she doesn't. When rumors hit that Perry may have been swapping spit with her now-ex husband, she deftly and maturely denied them. Well, maybe not maturely.
Katy Perry Teams Up With UNICEF, Visits Villages in Madagascar
Katy Perry is proving to her fans and the general public alike that she's not just a pretty face, she's got a good heart to boot. The 'Wide Awake' songstress made a trip to Madagascar with UNICEF as a means to bring global attention to the African nation's struggle with pove…
Katy Perry to Be Featured at ASCAP Expo
ASCAP is one of the world's largest performing rights organizations, which means it derives commissions from collecting songwriting royalties whenever an artist's music is played on the radio or television. And because ASCAP artist Katy Perry's hits are pretty much always playing some…

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