Mommy Blogger April B – The Birds and Bees
My advice to new parents: decide NOW how you will teach your child about biology and the birds and the bees and allllll  that. Don't think, "Oh, I've got a good ten years or so before I that topic comes up."
I did that. Don't make that mistake...
8-Year-Old Boy Saves Neighbors from Apartment Fire [VIDEO]
An 8-year-old boy went into hero mode when his elderly neighbor accidentally started a fire in her apartment.  At first he tried to put the fire out but then realized it was too big and then sprung into action.  He went around knocking on doors trying to get neighbors out.
Mommy Blog Jess C. – Too Sheltered?
As a parent I thought it was my job to shelter my children from the evils of the world.  There is so much wrong with the world we call our home, so many bad people doing so many bad things.  I keep my kids safe.  I keep them cozy in their warm beds.  I keep them away from all harm, but in doing so I…
Mommy Blogger April B. – Building a Strong Family Foundation
I'm going to come clean about something I take a lot of flak for. I feel like, because my position on this is somewhat different from that of most, people are quick to insert their unwanted views or try and win me over to their way of thinking. But I probably feel more strongly about this one stance…

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