Sometimes It’s the Little Things that Make Life Great
Do you ever have one of those great weekends?  You know those weekends where you really don't do anything spectacular, but they end up being amazing.  I had one of those weekends.  It was a weekend where it reminded you that sometimes, you just have to do the things in life that …
Absentminded Moments
Do you ever just find yourself in a place where you just ask yourself can I really be that dumb?  I swear I have had some moments in my life lately where I ask myself who are you and what have you done with my brain.  I have been having some serious absentminded moments lately.
Vehicle Rollover Accident Claims Life
A single vehicle rollover claimed the life of one man just before 11:00 Wednesday morning last week. There also were no other passengers in the car, but the cause of the wreck is under investigation.
Moments of Forgetfulness
I woke up this morning feeling like I had hit a wall.  I think my tired got the best of me and I slept like a rock.  I get up, get dressed, come to work and get into my routine.
Pancakes-The Simple Things In Life
Sunday morning, we slept in a bit since we were up late after going to church on Saturday and then spending some time with some church friends.  Ethan woke up and came and cuddled up with me in bed.
Why Are So Many of Us Right-Handed?
If you’re left-handed, you know how tough it is to live in a right-handed world. Now scientists have discovered why so many of us are right-hand dominant:.
The answer may surprise you.
New Heart-Monitoring Device for Smartphones Could Save Your Life
Swiss researchers say new technology that interacts with smartphones could revolutionize the treatment of heart patients.
The device in question consists of four electrode sensors attached to the skin and linked to a radio module and computer chip that clips onto a patient’s belt. Data from the devic…