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Mommy Blogger Christy K. – Coloring Outside the Lines
While I don’t think that it is always a conscious effort, most of us definitely care about what others think.  If we didn’t care at all, we just might show up to work in our pj’s with bedhead every day.  It doesn’t end with our looks, either.  Whether it is trying to impress the boss, our friends, o…
Mommy Blogger Caroline S. – Cabin Fever
What a weird week with the weather bringing in that bipolar blizzard, then today its was mostly on the sunny side in the upper 60’s? I’m getting whiplash, Amarillo.
But besides the weather, it was a weird week for me, emotionally.
Mommy Blogger April B. – Snow Day: A Pictorial
As many parents discovered this week, snow days are fun until there's more than one of them. It's at that point, children become caged animals and no amount of movie watching or cookie baking will pacify them. So on Tuesday, while the rest of the Panhandle began to unearth itself from our massive sn…
Mommy Blogger Jess C. – The Vegetarian Life
At every meal where a group of people are we always get asked why we are vegetarians.  I used to be a meat eater like most people.  I enjoyed a good ribeye, nice and juicy. I loved drenching my bread in the juices.  Loved a burger, you know the kind that required a handful of napkins cause the flavo…
Mommy Blogger Christy K. – What Ifs
This morning, similar to many Sunday mornings, I had a strong desire to stay hidden under my covers until noon.  Not that this would EVERY actually happen, but a girl can dream, right?  At 7am, I begrudgingly threw off the covers and headed into the kitchen for a cup of coffee.
Mommy Blogger Caroline S. – New Mom in Town
Well, as a first time Mommy Blogger on Mix 94.1 I'll do my diligence and introduce myself a little bit and what I'm doing here!
This first entry is coming to you from a young, first time mom of a 10-month-old, amazing, beautiful baby girl, I am a foodie, cook, baker, blogger and nomad. I moved to the…
Mommy Blogger April B. – Anger Management
As I snuggled up with my very sweet, very cuddly 4-year old son one evening, I wondered how children can have so many personalities throughout the day? He patted my hand and called me sweetie-pie, which as relationships between little boys and their moms often go, is just the way its supposed to be.

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