My Beautiful Woman Teaches Us The Love of A Mother and More
When it comes to Facebook there is so much on your news feed that it is sometimes hard to sift through.  If something is posted by someone sometimes I click on i, but not always.  However, when more than one of my friends share the same thing, then I know it is probably worth giving some t…
Mom Gives Kidney to Save Daughter’s Life
You know we all say that we would do anything for our kids.  In fact, I think I have actually used the term, "I would give my right kidney to my son if he needed it."  As responsible parents, I think we all would.  It's our child.  This morning I ran across…
Nickelodeon Will Create Lineup to Focus on Mothers
The cable TV network Nickelodeon has plans for new, late night programming targeted at moms. After months of research, the network has concluded that an untapped audience of busy moms are watching television between the hours of 9 p.m. and 1 a.m.