mother's day

Best Motherly Advice Our Mom’s Gave Us
Mother's Day is Sunday and we want to honor our mothers.   I decided to ask my coworkers what was some of the best advice that they received from their mother.  Some of the answers are sweet and some are funny.
Vote for the Best Mother/Daughter Look-A-Like
It's time to vote for your favorite Mother/Daughter Look-A-Like.  We have received a ton of entries and I must say, moms and daughters you are beautiful.  So here's what we need from you now.  We need for you to vote for your favorite.
Mommy Blogger Jess C. – The Best Mom
Mother’s Day is upon us and what an awesome day for any mother out there.  We are honored and should be if you ask me.  But, the question I have is,  where did you learn to be a Mom?  How did you learn the necessary skills to not kill your child?  How did we …
The Best Online Card Sites for Mother’s Day
Whether you've already splurged on mom or are panicking at the last minute to find an easy way to show your appreciation for all she does, have no fear. The Internet is here to save the day with online Mother's Day cards. Some showcase your sense of humor, some get all mushy gushy and hear…
What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day
It's a day where we celebrate our moms.  It's Mother's Day and not just any gift will do.  This is the woman who gave birth to you and nurtured you from child to adulthood.  Not just any gift will do.   What does mom really want for
Mother's Day?