Jurassic Park 3D – Yes or No?
Here I am facing a cheesy little problem in my life.  My son is on a dinosaur kick right now.  You take a kid to one dinosaur museum and he is into dinosaurs all of a sudden.  Sheesh.  I say that all in jest, but I find myself with a dino problem.
5 Movies That Never Should Have Had Sequels [VIDEO]
I was channel surfing last night and landed on Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie 'Predator.' It wasn't one of my favorite AH-Nold movies, but all-in-all, it was a decent flick. But that got me thinking about some movies that I thought were great and then how Hollywood had to go 'back to the well' and st…
5 Short Films That Would Make Great Feature Films
How’d you like to wake up with the knowledge that you've been shot in the head? Yeah, that would suck, but what if the bullet that was stuck in your skull triggered some pretty cool supernatural powers? Yeah, now we’re talkin’! That’s what happens to the protagonist in ‘Bullet Head,’ an awesome new …

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