“Let It Go” – A Parody from Dad
Yes, "Let it Go" it is everywhere.  Frozen was a cute movie, but it is a song that won't go away.  My son even sings it but it is equated with passing gas, but he's still singing.  The song has gotten to a point to where it just grates on your nerves. …
Best Recent One-Hit Wonders From Billboard’s Hot 100 List
There's a new song by a band never really heard on the radio before that is currently at spot 84 in Billboards' Hot 100 list. The song is "Chocolate" by The 1975 from their album Music For Cars. They are an, what else, English Alternative/ Indie Rock band from Manchester. Their song has be…
Live in the Vineyard – The Bands
Live in the Vineyard is an awesome event that happens in the beautiful wine country of California, Napa Valley to be exact.  We have your chance to win this awesome getaway to experience Live in the Vineyard and today I just wanted to showcase some of the acts that will be performing.

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