Lori’s Top 10 Angry Chick Songs
So, have you ever had one of those days where all you want to do is explode?  Well I feel like I'm having one of those days today.  Sometimes, when I'm in one of those moods I just love to listen to angry chick music.  However, most of the angry chick music is about breakups, but it still makes for …
Songs to Get You In the Mood for Spring
We are officially in Spring.  However, the weather cannot decide if it wants Spring or if it wants to stay in Winter.  Puxatawney Phil said no more Winter so dang it, I want Spring.  Even though yesterday was gorgeous we still have a few cold days ahead and I wanted to get into Spring…
Bret Michaels Releases a Dance Track
Wait, what?  Bret Michaels releases a dance track.  Bret Michaels from Poison?  Rock of Love Bret Michaels?  Yes, sadly that one,  released a dance track.  I must admit it was a shake my head moment.
The Many Voices of O Holy Night [VIDEOS]
Another one of my favorite Christmas songs is O Holy Night.  It is a beautiful song and just makes you feel warm and fuzzy.  Here are the different versions that have been recorded through the years.

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