Autistic 6-Year-Old Plays Piano Man Perfectly
A while back we showed you a blind 15 year old who listened to a dubsteb song for the the first time then managed to play it on the piano. Now, we have an autistic 6 year old boy named Ethan who nails Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”.
Musicians and Their Real Names
A lot of times musicians change their names so it sounds better or some agent told them their real name would take them very far. Hey even in the world of radio a on-air personality changes their name. It's kind of like a split personality. ...
Double-Jointed Musician Plays the Piano Backwards [VIDEO]
Evan Patrone has double-jointed shoulders and elbows, which allows him to sit on a bench and play the piano backwards. You’ll probably cringe a little bit when you see his talent in action (nature did not intend for arms to bend that way, right?). And you may continuing cri…