‘News to Us’ Episode 3
Here's our weekly addition of News to Us.  News to Us is a weekly collaboration with our Townsquare Media personalities including, Blake FM's Cadillac Cruz, Kiss FM's Angel Dee and Tommy the Hacker, NewsTalk 940's James G, and of course myself with Mix 94.1  It's o…
The IRS Warns of Scams During Tax Season
Since we are in the beginning of tax season, everyone is getting ready and waiting on all their tax forms so they can file their taxes and get their returns.   With all the money coming back to people means, scams will be in full force.
Winter Weather Moves Into Panhandle
It is no secret that it has been super cold, but get ready because more winter weather is on it's way.  Are we getting snow, ice, or just more cold weather?  I have all the details below.
A Shotgun Disguised to Look Like a Toy
I think we are living in a world that just keeps getting scarier and scarier.  I say this because of the things people are doing.  Since when was it a smart idea to take a gun and make it look like a toy.  That has to be one of the most insane things to do.
A Peeping Tom in Amarillo
A woman in the Oliver Eakle District was being watched for months until she finally asked a friend to help her catch this person.  As luck would have it they did, the man was finally caught on video.

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