Can You Guess What This Picture Is?
So I was sitting here this morning, I ran across on of those, do you know what this is type of things.  So I thought, hey this is kind of fun.  So here's your chance to work the brain.  What is this?
Caption This Picture: Valentine’s Day Edition
So Valentine's Day is in two weeks.   You either love the day, hate the day or could care less either way, but it is the day of love.  So in honor of the day of love I wanted to play a little game.  I ran across the picture below and well it needs a caption.
Awww! Look at the Newlyweds-Wait, What? [PHOTO]
It was probably a good thing I had already swallowed the drink of coffee I had taken before I saw this picture.  Yep!  Somebody forgot to change something at the frame factory.  Check out the photo a tell us what is wrong with it and you could win a $10 gift card.