Thanksgiving is Exactly 8 Weeks from Today
I was made aware of something that, well, it just simply terrified me.  It wasn't Rick jumping from behind a corner in a zombie mask.  It was an email I received saying Thanksgiving is exactly 8 weeks away today.
2012 Amarillo Tri-State Fair
Yes, the fair is here and it looks like it is going to be 9 days of fun, food, rides, shows, livestock and rodeos.  Find out about all the fun stuff here.
Potty Pax the Portable Toilet Seat Cover [VIDEO]
I know using a public restroom is, well, really gross because a ton of people you don't know use the same toilet.  Who knows when the last time the place was actually cleaned.  Yes, some of those restrooms offer disposable seat covers but why use a disposable cover when you can bring …

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