Gravy: Giblets or No Giblets
When it comes to the gravy that you pour over your Thanksgiving meal, how do you like it.  This has always been a battle in my family.  One grandmother put giblets in the gravy, the other did not.  My mother couldn't stand giblets in the gravy, yet I loved them.  So what is …
What’s Your Favorite Holiday?
We get giddy when it comes to a holiday.  We have several we get to celebrate over the year.  So, which holiday do you think is the most favorite?  Is it Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, your birthday?  Take our poll and let us know your favorite.
Now You Can Stay In a Barbie Themed Hotel
Just about every little girl had a dream to be just like Barbie.  As long as Barbie has been around little girls have grown up playing with her and her friends.  You would dream that one day you would live in a house just like hers.  Well, it might not be her house, but now you can st…
Turkey or Ham on Your Thanksgiving Table?
We are a few weeks away from Thanksgiving and people all over the country are thinking about what's going on the table for Thanksgiving.   So today I want to know, what meat do you serve on your Thanksgiving table, turkey or ham?
Best Places To Buy Pre-Made Thanksgiving Dinner in Amarillo
Let's face it, a lot of work goes into preparing the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner.  By the time you get it all cooked after spending hours in the kitchen, the meal is over in less than 30 minutes.  Then you have to deal with the clean up.  Who likes that?  Yuck!  It is usually the person who cooked t…
90-Year Old Man Was Arrested for Feeding the Homeless
A new city ordinance was passed in Ft. Lauderdale making it illegal to feed the homeless in public.  However, a 90-year old man still believes in lending a helping hand and that helping hand got him arrested for breaking the law.  Arnold Abbot and two ministers were arrested for feeding th…

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