Post Office

US Post Office Holiday Shipping Deadlines
Christmas time is here and the time to ship your packages to your loved ones is now. However, if you need to know when the deadlines are, here are the deadlines you have to follow from the USPS to ensure your package arrives on time to your loved ones for Christmas.
Stamp Out Hunger this Weekend with Your Local Letter Carrier
Food insecurity is a real thing, especially here in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle.  One in 7 people locally are food insecure.  These are people who go to work everyday and work hard, but they just don't make enough money.  These people make the hard decisions whether to put food on the table or …
The U.S. Postal Service Faces Bankruptcy
They say neither snow, nor rain, sleet or hail can't stop the U.S. Post Office, but how about the possibility of bankruptcy?
Because so many people are sending letters through emails, texts and having packages shipped through other sources, the Postal Service is doing something that hasn't been done …
Scary News For Us And The Post Office
Because a lot of use the internet to pay our bills and talk to friends through e-mails, the Post Office is having a hard time making a profit, so they have to cut back somewhere.
How will these cutbacks effect us?