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‘Little Known Facts’ With ProNews 7’s Lisa Schmidt
While holding her 20-pound baby, Miller, doing laundry and talking to me, multi-tasking Lisa Schmidt from ProNews 7 took time out of her very busy schedule for our 'Little Known Facts' series. Lisa is a graduate from Canyon High School, known for their girl's basketball program. Altho…
Mix 94.1’s “Little Known Facts” With ProNews 7’s Jay Ricci
ProNews 7's Jay Ricci has been an Amarillo fixture in broadcasting for several years and personally, I admire his dedication, professionalism and presence that he has, every night, delivering the daily news headlines. Jay reminds me of that 'favorite uncle' we all have in our lives and brings 'to th…
The Summer Weather Shuffle with ProNews 7
Every morning on Mix 94.1  you get great weather with ProNews 7's Meteorologist Tony Derda, and then in the afternoon ProNews 7's Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh brings you the afternoon and evening weather.  Well it looks like they will be switching places next week...
A Fox Visits the ProNews 7 Studios In Downtown Amarillo
It think the lack of rain is getting to a point where animals are starting to come out of their normal habitat and start sneaking into well populated areas.
Out friends at ProNews 7 has a visit from a fox the other day (and I don't mean their network competitor).