Quick and Easy Dinner – Pot Pies
So I got off work yesterday and proceeded to make my way to Walmart for some grocery shopping.  Well grocery shopping takes at least and hour, and who wants to cook dinner after shopping and then putting the groceries away.  Well luckily I found a recipe that was super quick and super easy…
Lori’s Coffee Creamer Recipe
I like to drink coffee when I'm at work.  I drink way too much of it but ,sometimes coffee is my breakfast and lunch.  I know it's not very healthy but it is what it is (yes, that is one of my favorite sayings).  However, I don't just drink black coffee, I have to have …
How to make a Taco in the Most Amazing Way!
I, on occasion, enjoy a taco. It is the crunchy goodness that just makes them perfect. However, that same crunchy goodness is the same thing that makes them on the messy side. With that said,  I was recently introduced to a new way to make a taco.
Watermelon Popsicles The Perfect Treat for Labor Day
Labor Day in my mind means that summer is officially over.  So why not celebrate today with a summer fruit that will be out of season soon.  As you know I love watermelon, I posted a whole bunch of recipes recently.  So today treat yourself to a tasty cool treat a watermelon Popsicle.
Memorial Day Recipes – Lori’s Top 5
I don't know about you but I sure do love cooking out on Memorial Day. A group of friends and I used to make it an annual event until they moved away, but I still break out some of my favorite Memorial Day Recipes.

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