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Halloween Movies We Love To Watch
Halloween season is upon us. This is when we dust off our favorite scary movie, turn off the lights and scare ourselves a little. Here are the top 10 movies folks in Amarillo say they have to watch every Halloween.
Scariest Movies of All Time – Lori’s Top 5
When it comes to movies I like a good scare.  You have horror movies and you have scary movies. Today I'm going to focus on the scary movies.  So here is my top 5 list of movies that scared me.  Some of your favorite scary movies might not have made the list, I have watched a lot of movies, but if t…
Lori’s Top 5 Scariest Movies
or shall I say the ones that scared me and literally left me terrified! Halloween is the perfect time for a scary movie marathon. I'll admit I have watched these moves over and over and they still scare me every time. So why do I keep watching them? I ...