Product Placement Gets Me Everytime
I overheard a discussion this week about how retailers have become really good at product placement so that once they get you inside, you purchase way more than you intended.
Watch How Someone Paying for Your Groceries Can Change Your Day
You know it is always amazing to see people pay it forward.  Imagine you were standing in line at the grocery store.  You already know about how much your groceries will add up to be, let's face it, after years of grocery shopping you have learned to judge.  Say you have a huge family and your groce…
Who Needs to Celebrate a Holiday Let’s Go Shop
So we have finally reached that point in society where holidays are no longer holidays.  It
is an excuse to save money and buy things.  Who wants to spend time with their family.  I mean we'll all be on our phones, tablets, and laptops ignoring each other.  So what does Thanksgiving or Christmas matt…
Now You Can Buy Fart Filtering Underwear
When you have gas it can be painful.  Sometimes you just have to let it go, but most people won't because they are afraid of the smell.  So they just deal with the pain until they can get to their own bathroom, because, let's face it ladies who wants to let it go in a public bathroom.  People laugh.…

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